Tarot Cards

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These card images are from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, first published in 1910.

"Odin's Self-sacrifice" (1908)
by W. G. Collingwood

Elder Futhark

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Ralph H. Blum has some mytstical books on interpreting runes. Jackson Crawford is an academic option.

I Ching Hexagrams

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Maharshi Bot

ELIZA is a natural language conversation program described by Joseph Weizenbaum in January 1966. It features the dialog between a human user and a computer program representing a mock Rogerian psychotherapist. The original program was implemented on the IBM 7094 of the Project MAC time-sharing system at MIT and was written in MAD-SLIP.

The version here is written in JavaScript; for implementation details see GitHub.

Click and type in the grey box to the left of "Talk." Press enter to receive your fortune!


Click on the gameboard to get focus, then move with W, A, S, D. See GitHub for details and notes!